Bird's Nest model, fuwa Mascot and other souvenirs in The 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing, People's Republic of China.



Other souvenirs from People's Republic of China.


Drum Rack With
Phoenix Rack
It was an important musical instrument during the Warring States Period. Two back-to-back lying tigers are used as the stand, heads held up and tails cured up. On each tiger stands a long-legged singing phoenix. In the middle a drum is suspended with two red ribbons on phoenixes' crests. Back-ground is black and red, gold, yellow and phoenix feather with lifelike modeling and colourful painting. It is both a musical instrument and a work of art. The arcletypal one unearthed from the Tomb No.1 at Wang Shan in JiangLing. It has a special value of both collection and watching.